Lifetime Retainer Program

Orthodontic treatment is an investment that adds tremendous value to the rest of your or your child's life. At LA DENTAL BRACES, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your results will last. Having to wear a retainer after you get your braces off can definitely be frustrating, but it is a very necessary extra step. The key to lasting results is wearing your orthodontic retainers for a lifetime. Without wearing a retainer, the teeth can shift over time, even after wearing a retainer for a long period. Proper retainer maintenance and timely retainer replacement is important to maintaining a beautiful smile. That's why we have implemented the Lifetime Retainer Program and Smile Guarantee

Lifetime Memnership Retainer Program $700 fee CLICK HERE 

  • At the braces removal appointment, we are going to use the ITERO scan to take the dimensions of your teeth. We will get one retainer per arch. If you need replacement No need for new impressions. You can order a new set online with a 50% discount at our current price.
  • You get one free clear retainers and 1 set of X-rays per year for the rest of your life! After you've paid the $700 fee, you'll start paying $25 per month.
  • if any changes have been made to your teeth restoratively, such as fillings, crowns, veneers, etc.; or there has been relapse due to non-compliant retainer wear to the point where retainers made off of original model will not fit, there will be an additional cost for the re-print of models and retainers. You must inform us of any changes that have been made to your teeth. We are not responsible for retainers not fitting due to fillings and other restorations or due to non-compliance of retainer wear.

Lifetime Smile Guarantee

  • You must be enrolled in the Lifetime Retainer Program ( $700 )
  • Retainers must be fitting well and must be brought to your appointment for evaluation of re-treatment.
  • If you are compliant with wearing your retainers as prescribed and still need re-treatment due to relapse, we will put your braces back on or restart your Invisalign® treatment to re-align your teeth — all you pay is a small fee per month during the re-treatment.
  • After the teeth are realigned, replacement retainers will be required for a small fee per arch, in which case the Lifetime Retainer Program will restart.
  • Lifetime Guarantee applies only to patients who completed Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment at LADB.

*Lifetime Guarantee applies only to patients who completed Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment.

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